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About TT's Hat Tamer

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We know it only takes a split second to lose your focus while riding - and that distraction of losing your hat in the middle of a run, race, drill, or even a pleasure class, can be enough to cost you that win!  


I have tried everything to keep my hat on my head – from hats so tight that they give me instant migraines, to folding down or cutting the sweat band, stampede strings, double sided tape, bobby pins… and countless other tricks, but nothing seemed to work very well! 


I finally decided that THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY. So after some trial and error - TT’s Hat Tamer was born!

Introducing the new way to secure your western hat to your head!

  • DO NOT fall for the myth that your hat has to be so tight your head hurts!

  • You DO NOT have to use double sided tape, foam strips, a gallon of hairspray, bobby pins, or stuff it with tissue paper!

  • You DO NOT have to damage your hat by folding down the sweatband or poking holes in it with a stampede string!

  • You DO NOT need to smash it so far down on your head that your ears pop out - or your eyebrows are gone!

All you need is TT's Hat Tamer! No more stampede strings, tape, bobby pins, or painfully tight hats. It is safe, comfortable, and easy to use.


You can use it on any hat with a sweatband, take it out and put it in another hat in seconds. The clear comfortable strap is adjustable for any size head or hat and is practically invisible when you have it on. Once you try it - you will never go back!!


TT’s Hat Tamers are great for Awards, Fundraisers, Silent Auctions, Drill Teams, etc.

Contact me if you are interested in becoming a vendor!

Kara B

“Used this for the first time at NBHA World and never lost a hat (I wore 3 different ones). I've never, ever been able to make a run without a hat flying off or a stampede string choking me. Thank you for this awesome solution! It really works!!!."

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