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Hat Tamer

Hat Tamer


Chose which design you would like on your Hat Tamer from the third photo!


The best darn way to keep your hat on your head!


Introducing the new way to secure your western hat to your head! TT's original Hat Tamer is the simple, easy, and safe way to secure your western hat.


No more stampede strings, tape, bobby pins, or painful, tight hats!

We all know it only takes a millisecond to lose your focus while riding - and that distraction of losing
your hat in the middle of a run or race can be enough to cost you that win!
Do you ride in your good hat? NO... Why? Because you might lose it and it gets dirty, or worse yet trampled! The Hat Tamer can save the day! Never lose your hat again!!

I know I have tried everything to keep my hat on my head – from hats so tight that they give me instant migraines, to folding down or cutting the sweatband, stampede strings, double-sided tape, bobby pins…nothing seems to work! The Hat Tamer does not damage your hat. You can use it on any hat with a sweatband, take it out, and put it in another hat in seconds. The clear comfortable strap is adjustable and easy to use and you cannot see it when you have it on. You can see instructions on how to use the Hat Tamer under Photos. Each Hat Tamer comes with inspirational sayings in fun designs and colors. Check out the photo section and pick out yours today!

  • Instructions

    1. Unroll your Hat Tamer. (Your Hat
    Tamer will be rolled up with the
    strap when you receive it)

    2. Fold down the sweatband on the
    inside of your hat.

    3. Insert a card on each side behind
    the sweatband of your hat with the loop/strap hook
    facing the inside of the hat. The
    loop should sit above the

    4. Fold the sweatband back in place.
    Make sure the strap on your Hat Tamer is not

    5. Hold the strap towards the front
    and put the hat on your head.

    6. Pull the strap under your chin.
    Make sure the strap is
    comfortable but snug. The length
    of the strap can be adjusted as needed.


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